Mini PC Windows 10 Pro, 8GB RAM/128GB SSD

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KAMRUI Mini PC with model number 4GB RAM 64GB ROM-Intel Celeron J3455 is a product that comes with a lot of benefits. The features of the product include
Ethernet Gigabit Micro Desktop, BT 4.2, Dual Band 5G/2.4G WiFi, support for HD 4K Dual screen. The Mini PC has Intel Pentium J4205 that supports 2.6 GHz. With its 128 GB SSD and 12 GB RAM, it comes with these benefits.

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Mini PC Windows 10 Pro, 8GB RAM/128GB SSD 有 1 个评价

  1. Ikechukwu Nwuzoh

    Nice mini PC with these benefits below:

    a) Efficient Home Theatre with large screen Operating System: This Home Theatre is pre-installed using licensed Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, with awesome support for video reaching 4K in resolution, offering nice graphics with its ultra-HD visual feast. You can effectively link your projector or Television and get an awesome theatre experience.
    b) Reliable in-car computer with multiple connection options. This type of mini-vehicle PC offers you optimal performance. It gives a convenient connection with a LAN consisting of Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth of 4.2, and a Dual-band WiFi connection.
    c) Digital Signage Advertising is made of desktop PCs of full size in a form factor that is small in such a way that can carry it in your hand. The small-sized computer has support for all things from single screens to smart kiosks, and then to multiple display walls. The PC comes with a customized function, RTC Wake, Auto Power-on, and Wake-on LAN.

    d) Distance Learning PC/Online Teaching

    Don’t bother about losing memory slowly or fastly, the minicomputer has 12 GB RAM, a 128 GB SATA, SD, and support for up to 2GB with its inner slot consisting of 2.5 inch SSD. This micro PC can support the dual monitor and you can create dual screens on your Zoom to learn or teach. It should have better connection and communication.

    e) Effective Office PC CPU

    KAMUIUI Mini PC can tackle many tasks and keep considerable movies and files, it simplifies operations since it can multitask.

    f) Has all the ports for connecting various monitors, and your favorite mouse and keyboard.

    You can distinguish the brand from others with the inscription. ‘KAMRUI’ at the back and label ‘intel’ blur.
    If you are fond of playing PC games, this mini-PC is not recommendable, but if you want something budgetable, small in size with multitasking capability, portable, and light-weighted then go for this mini PC. It slightly resembles the 256 GB KAMPUI Mini PC. You can go ahead and buy this portable PC from Amazon.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you use it for meetings on ZOOM?


    What else is needed to buy it?

    A type of mouse and keyboard, a computer monitor or TV of the same kind. An adapter is required if you do not have a HDMI port on the display.

    How many gigahertz is available?

    KAMRUI AK7 Promini PC displays a processor Pentium J4205 operating at 1.5 GHz, using a burst rate of 2.6 GHz.

    Does this use only WiFi connection?

    It has support for WiFi connection and Internet Connection.

    Does anybody know how to switch the power on?

    Boot that mini PC and tap ‘Delete’ key, go to ‘BIOS Interface ‘, choose ‘Boot’ in your interface, choose ‘Automatic Power On’, Tap ‘F4’ key to save and exit.