x-ray machine Medical digital

14,000 $

Portable x-ray machine Medical digital radiography veterinaria portable x-ray machine system.

4KW, 70ma veterinary x ray system. Saving your facility valuable floor space.
Compact & light weight.

● 4kw 70Ma,portable design,removable head
● Portable x ray machine.
● 6 periods of digital LED display
● 48 kinds of presupposed anatomy memory pattern choice
● Accuracy control method of simulation and double digital loop
● High precision control of tube voltage,tube current
● No consumables, suitable for pet hospitals and other animal diagnosis and treatment machines Failure self-protection,self-diagnosis X ray tube ball into the lead cylinder,effectively
● shielding radiation leak,more environmental protection and operator safety
● Remote control exposure capability for the animal weight less than 40kg.


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