veterinary clinic equipment

6,000 $

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Veterinary frequency veterinary electro surgical generator
Model NO. YSESU-2000I6


1. 10.4″ LCD touch screen

2. Foolproof operation system

3. Mains power supple(220V, 50Hz)

4. Professional veterinary protocol

5. Quality hi-voltage generator

6. Imported & home-made tubes available

7. All-direction floating table


Brand: Yuesenmed

Power: 220V(50Hz)

Power Capacity: =25KVA

Max.Output Power: 16KW

Tube Voltage: 40KV~120KV

Tube Current: 32mA~200mA

Focus: 0.6/1.2

Current Time: 1mAs~320mAs

Time: 0.02s~4s(stepping by 0.01s)

Table size: 1410mm*670mm

Loading Capacity: ≥150kg



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