vet warmer veterinary air warming

1,786 $

Animal hospital equipment automatic vet warmer veterinary air warming system.

The main heating unit offers a multitude of beneficial functions and features:
1. The operating noise level is very low. (53dB).
2. Three tiered sterilization system, 254nm ultra violet light, high concentration negative ion and 0.2μm HEPA filtering.
3. Dual detecting temperature control with 1.5 Celsius degree minus tolerance ensured. Two sensors are located at the outlet from the heat unit also at the end of the hose, detecting and compensating for heat loss from the hose.
4. Adjustable wind speed (two stages) with stable temperature control.
5. Easy to handle and maintain, smart trouble shooting system installed.
6. Accurate LCD display, real time temperature of blanket monitoring.
7. The unit can be freestanding or easily attached to our specialized stand.
8. Compact and light weighted, using little space, easy to transport.
9. Five pre-set temperatures, Ambient, 93F°(34C°), 98F°(37C°), 104F° (40C°), 109 F° (43C°).
10. Swivelling easy to fit outlet port, makes attaching the hose effortless.



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