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Supreme Affiliate Marketing Wizard “The Ultimate Guide to Earning a Comfortable Living from Selling Products that You Don’t Even Have to Create!

Table of Contents Chapter One

1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

1.1 The Background of Affiliate Marketing

1.2 Why Affiliate Marketing is a Lucrative Business

1.3 First Thing’s First – Avoid These Silly Affiliate Marketing Mistakes!

Chapter 2: How to Identify & Pick Hot Selling Products

2.1 What You Need Before Getting Started

2.2 How to Pick the Best Product with the Best Payout and Great Demand

2.3 Recommended Top Affiliate Networks on the Internet

Chapter 3: Using Pay-Per-Click to Promote Affiliate Products 3.1

An overview on Adwords and other PPC Programs

3.2 How to Write an Attention-Grabbing PPC Ad

3.3 How to Bid for Profits using Google Adwords

3.4 Tracking and Monitoring your PPC Ad Performance

Chapter 4: Using Search Engine Optimization to Sell Products as an Affiliate

4.1 Why Search Engine Results Beat Sponsored Links Anytime

4.2 How to Build Affiliate Sites and Rank High in Search Engine Results

4.3 Recommended SEO-Oriented Affiliate Marketing Techniques

Chapter 5: BUM Marketing Exposed for Affiliates

5.1 What is BUM Marketing?

5.2 How to Apply the BUM Marketing Method to Increase Affiliate Sales

5.3 Recommended BUM Marketing Resource

Chapter 6: Leveraging on FREE Reports to Increase Affiliate Sales

6.1 How to Create a Free Report – Step-by-Step

6.2 Inserting Affiliate Links into Your Free Report Supreme Affiliate Marketing Wizard 4

6.3 Submitting Your Free Report for Exposure

Chapter 7: Rising to the Super Affiliate Level

7.1 What Constitutes a Super Affiliate?

7.2 How to Build Influence in the Shoes of a Super Affiliate

7.3 The Super Affiliate Marketing Tactics Exposed!

7.4 Real Life Case Studies of Super Affiliate Marketing Success

Chapter 8: Become a Supreme Affiliate Marketer Today!

8.1 Additional Supreme Affiliate Marketing Tips

8.2 The Most Valuable Advice to Any Beginning Affiliate Marketer


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3 reviews for Online course on affiliate marketing – Ebook

  1. Reina

    Wow! The book is an eyeopener. I have a question, I’d really appreciate getting this at a low price, but I think it’s too cheap for such great content.

    Thanks anyways.

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      Hi Reina, we are glad you like it. Please note that the book is been sold at a subsidize rate because it was bought by callyexpress.


    Please I need this eBook but I am from Nigeria. What payment method is available for me?

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      send your request to requesting payment information for your location.

  3. Steve Klin

    This is a wonderful course

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      We are glad you like it

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