A-Z of Tuberculosis

A-Z of tuberculosis is a book that critically looks at the subject matter of tuberculosis—an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis—by critically reviewing reputable articles in reputable journals. This textbook covers everything anyone can know about tuberculosis, which is why the textbook is titled “A-Z of Tuberculosis.” As such, this textbook gives critical and up-to-date statistics on countries with the highest burden of tuberculosis. The types of tuberculosis, causes, and transmission were holistically examined in detail. Furthermore, the signs and symptoms of tuberculosis, risk factors, and complications of untreated tuberculosis were extensively discussed. Moreso, the diagnosis of tuberculosis, which can take different shapes and forms, was extensively discussed alongside the management and treatment. Conclusively, the latter part of this textbook looked into vaccines for tuberculosis, the prevention of tuberculosis, and tuberculosis/HIV co-infection. The textbook critically looked at sustainable development goal 3 related to eradicating tuberculosis.

Pages: 66
Author: Odubia, James

About the Author:

Odubia, James Success is an addicted Christian who solely depends on God for exploits. He is an infectious disease activist and seasoned healthcare professional focusing on health education and research as tools for bringing public health issues, particularly epidemiological health issues, to light. James aims to create a healthier world through health education and medical research.

James is an addicted medical and health researcher with six academic papers, two Kindle books, and one medical textbook. I was a fellow in the One Young World pandemic preparedness cohort in August-October 2021 and a recipient of the EI, CAMRS, DUM, AIU, and OYW scholarships. He is a Cambridge University research survey niche member and an alumnus of Adekunle Ajasin University, Harvard Medical School, Duke University, and the United Kingdom Open University.

Above all, James aspires to be a professor of public health and a frontline in the army of those who fight infectious diseases, and he craves to own research centres to birth discoveries.



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