Periodontitis Affect 65% of Adult Population and Becomes Chronic

It’s a quite well-known fact that everything ages because it is the circle of life. There’s a reason why the older generation is more prone to harmful foreign particles and a lot of diseases. As we age, our immune systems get weaker and so do our normal bodily functions. We are all going to experience …

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Medical Solutions

MEDICAL DANGERS AND SOLUTION FOR SOUND HEALTH   The following are vital tips clearly expatiate some basic dangers in medicine and proffer solutions for better health in human well being. Tip 1:   Stimulate Gait Reflexes So You Can Live a More Active Life No doubt, one of the most common problems we face in our …

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What is HIV ?

The full Meaning of HIV is Human Immune Virus HIV is a virus that attacks immune cells called CD4 cells. These are types of T-helper cells, the virus destroys type of white blood cells that circulate around the body (Immune System), detecting infections and faults and anomalies in other cells. HIV infection is a sexually …

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