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How To Make A Bed

How To Make A Bed

Bed Making is a simple and beneficial habit. Beyond making the bed neater, it also makes it more inviting and organized. However, the process isn’t as simple as it seems, and you probably have been doing it wrong. 

Follow the simple steps below to make your bed in the correct pattern:

  • Firstly, clear your bed. Ensure you take off any comforters, duvets, pillows, and objects.
  • Put the fitted sheet on by tucking the elasticated ends around the mattress corner. Ensure you fold the sheet tightly around all corners of the mattress without any wrinkles or creases.
  • Spread the top sheet over the bottom sheet. Ensure you place the large hem region over the bed’s top and align it correctly with the mattress head.
  • Make hospital corners, i.e., tuck the end of the top sheet smoothly between the mattress and box springs located at the bed foot.
  • Next, place your comforter or duvet on top of the bed. Ensure you spread it evenly over your bed.
  • Optionally, Fold the edge of the top sheet and duvet down.
  • Fluff your pillow correctly and place them in your desired configuration on the bed.
  • Add the finishing touches by placing any decorative pillows or cushions on the bed. 

Finally, Enjoy your bed!!!

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  • Hammed Habeeb Olawale

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