Franchises often having a problem appealing to their customers at the local level. While they may have built a name for themselves in the country or their region, they may find it increasingly tough to attract local customers. This can make it difficult for them to expand their business. This also means they are losing a lot of opportunities by not knowing what to do and how to get the local people on board. But you can overcome this hurdle by developing plans for local marketing for franchise.

What you need to do is to come up with a plan built around what you are going for, that is customers at the local level. Your plan has to be streamlined to confront their uniqueness and offer them what they want specifically as that is the only way you can appeal to them.

Today, we would be looking at how to come up with the best local marketing strategy for your franchise.

Know Your Target Audience

The first thing you have to take into account is knowing and understanding your target audience. Every business or franchise has a specific people they target. So it important that you know the people you are going for. This may involve carrying out a survey or poll on your existing business to find out things like Demographic (age, gender, income levels of your customers ), psychographics (the attitude and behavior of your customers), pain points (problems your customers want solved) and consumption habits (how your customers like to buy things).

Understand The Customer’s Journey

This means you have to know the relationship between your customers and your brand at specific points, such as before they knew your brand existed, after they knew about it, after buying from it, and so on. To do that, you first have to understand that not all customers who discover your business would patronize it, and not all who patronize it a first time would ever step foot in your business again. At this point, you may have to draft what is referred to as a “sales funnel”. This helps to study your customers at specific stages, allowing you to recognize problems and know what needs to be done.

Sales Funnel

A good sales funnel is divided into stages all centered around the customer’s experience and relationship with your brand. Usually, it includes Awareness (this is the point where the customer first became aware of your business and what you do, often through TV ads or online searches); Discovery (when the customer learns more about your business and products); Evaluations (this is when the customer is considering buying or patronizing you or a similar business); Intent (this is when the customer first patronizes your. This is a critical point as their first experience may inform them of returning or staying away for good); Purchase (this is the buying process); Loyalty (whether the customer would return to your business again or not. This is largely within your control and formed based on the customer’s first experience in your business).

The whole stages here can happen in one day or one hour even or could take up to a month or more. But it is important you understand how your customers think as it helps you know what to do and areas where you can improve.

Assess Your Competition

There is no doubt that you would face some competition in the local market and this can give your business a hard time. Some of the people here may be loyal customers of your competition and you would have to do a lot to take direct them to you. Know the competition’s strengths and weaknesses, and their mode of marketing their business then use it to improve your own business, giving yourself the upper hand.

Get Content

Once you have all that, you should now bother yourself with creating engaging content that would not just sell your business but also inform and teach your customers as well. Put these content up on your website and social media pages as it would help to convert visitors into customers.

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