Plaster of paris

Plaster of Paris powder is used to create POP ceilings. Gypsum is the major component of the plaster of Paris and was discovered close to Paris, hence the name “plaster of Paris.” The POP is a gypsum plaster that sets up quickly. It is created by heating gypsum until all of the water has evaporated, leaving behind a powder.
It can also be combined with other false ceiling materials, like metal or wood, to give a room a variety of looks. POP is considerably more affordable than gypsum and is also much more durable.
Whether it be in producing lovely POP jobs that require an introduction to the materials and techniques for using them, as well as the steps for mixing, moulding, and fixing, or doing the installation only. POP jobs are in high demand in recent times.
Because people nowadays are looking for various ways to make the conventional flat ceiling look appealing while spending wisely, for instance, flat and basic ceilings are going out of style more and more, and it is impossible to overstate the growing demand for people with POP talent understanding.
For example, the price of POP ceilings in Nigeria right now ranges from #5,000 to #8,000 per square meter on average.
According to this, installing a POP ceiling in one room may cost at least #70,000. Is that WAO I heard you say? Yes, such is the current situation, albeit it is nearly impossible to make a firm price estimate on POP jobs due to a large number of POP vendors or contractors, depending on the situation.
As previously mentioned, you can choose to focus on creating stunning POP projects or performing the installation alone; these are two distinct things.
Making POP, which entails mixing, moulding, and repairing, or just focusing on installation—you could learn both as well; knowledge is never a waste.

Normally, training should last three to six months when there are enough instructors however how fast you catch up is somewhat dependent on how desirous you are to learn, you drive and how much of your time you are willing to devote.

The current rise in demand has greatly increased the likelihood of finding employment.
Just the correct network will do. Find a means to share what you do with others, and most importantly, get good at what you do.
-You can work as a freelance POP installer and choose your hours -You can temporarily assist your tutor to earn popularity and experience
Whichever way you choose to go, POP is here to stay; yet there will always be work for you.

You can learn POP skills in a few different ways, such as by keeping an eye out for opportunities from the government or non-profit organizations that offer free training; for instance, in September 2022, the National Directorate of Employment NDE-FCT engaged 30 or more jobless youths that received training in a variety of skills through the Environmental Beautification Training Scheme.
The best practical approach to master this talent, however, is to become friends with POP installers so that you can observe them at work and gain firsthand experience, even if you have to pay, which you will probably do if you are not particularly close.

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